Whether at family get-togethers, parties, barbecues, festivals, sporting events, boating or camping trips - people enjoy drinking outdoors.


But being discreet about drinking outside can be a challenge. You can carry your alcohol in a rucksack or simply in cans, bottles or boxes, but neither of these approaches are particularly stylish. And venues that prohibit bottles or glass can limit your options when it comes to bringing your own drinks.


BevveBag is a unique women's leather handbag, but it’s more than an elegant fashion piece. The bag’s design allows you to carry it on any adventure where you might like to have a sneaky alcoholic drink!


Named after the colloquial term for ‘beverage’, BevveBag is an Australian innovation that combines practicality with style.


Each BevveBag comes with a removable 3-litre  (101 fl oz) BPA-free bladder that allows you to carry and pour liquids straight from the bag - perfect for taking wine, mixed drinks, juice, or even water to any event. A side zipper discreetly conceals the bladder nozzle when not in use.


It also has an insulated silver lining, similar to that found in lunch bags for keeping liquid or food cool. The interior can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, making the bag not just stylish, but also highly practical. Add a couple of freezer packs to keep your drinks perfectly cold!


With generous sizing of 34cm x 15cm x 25cm / 13.5” x 6” x 10”, BevveBag is also perfect for taking lunch to work, is an excellent gym bag, and can even be used for the baby.


Designed to suit any outfit, the bags are available in seven colours - black, beige, cobalt blue, bright red, yellow, pastel green, and pink (coming soon).