How do I use my BevveBag?

BevveBag is easy to use! The replaceable drinks bladder (included with your BevveBag), or any pouch with a nozzle already purchased with alcohol (eg box wine) fits in the bottom of the bag. The nozzle is then pushed through a concealed opening on the side of the bag, which has a zipped flap to keep your bladder discreet.

Before going out, simply put the bladder in the fridge or freezer for cooling.


Can I use my bag to carry food?

Yes. The bag has insulated silver lining to keep food cool, as well as your drinks. We recommend you use an ice pack to keep perishable food cool for up to four hours.


How much room is in the BevveBag, and how much can it hold?

BevveBag’s dimensions are 34cm long x 15cm wide x 25cm high / 13.5” long x 6” wide x 10” high.

It has plenty of room for your disposable drinks bladder, plus food, glasses, and your personal belongings. There is also be room to add an ice or gel pack to keep your drinks cool.


What are the bags made from?

Split leather, with an insulated silver lining to keep your beverages cool.


What types of drinks can be carried in the BevveBag bladder?

The bladder holds non-carbonated drinks: wine, juice, water, spirits, or your own cocktails and mocktails.


How much liquid should be carried in the bladder?

The bladder allows you to carry and pour up to 3 litres (101 fl oz) of your favourite drink, but we recommend only filling it up to 80% capacity for use inside the bag.


Are the bladders reusable?

We recommend only using your bladder for one or two uses with the same beverage. Replacement bags are available in packs on the BevveBag website.


Can I carry a box wine bag in my BevveBag?

Yes – you don’t need to use the included bladder. BevveBag works with any liquid bag or pouch up to 4 litres capacity with a nozzle dispenser.


Is the replaceable bladder BPA free?



What colours do the bags come in?

The Vonteece BevveBag is a stylish black.

The Victoria BevveBag is a classic beige.

The Monica BevveBag is an electrifying cobalt blue.

The Monroe BevveBag is a bright red.

The Madison BevveBag is an eye-catching yellow.

The Miranda BevveBag is a candy apple green.

A pink BevveBag will also be released in 2017.


Where is your company based?

BevveBag is based in Brisbane, Australia.


Where is BevveBag manufactured?

Our BevveBags are manufactured in China.


What countries do you ship to?

We deliver to a wide range of countries economically through E-Packet, including Australia, USA, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada. As well as the Standard (E-Packet) option, you have the choice of Express delivery (DHL).


What is your returns policy?

We are happy to refund or exchange any product within 30 days, if it is faulty or not delivered as described (e.g. wrong colour). You must contact us by email to validate your return before returning your purchase.